Welcome to Milky Motorsports

Milky Motorsports is a product of the spirit – the spirit of racing. The spirit that’s felt when an engine screams towards 10,000 RPM, as your hairs stand on end and chills run down your spine. The spirit that’s felt from the rush of hitting an apex at full speed. From the thrill of linking drifts together with complete control. From the thrust of spooling a turbo and launching down the drag strip. This spirit is deep rooted in our business. Our only hope is that we help bring the spirit into you too.

Buttery Billet™ – Engineered In-House:

Buttery Billet is our in-house brand focused on redesigning existing motorsport products that have yet to reach their full functional potential. All Buttery Billet products are computer-aided designed & manufactured for precision.

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    Variant 5 Coilovers

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