Collection: RAM Clutches

RAM Clutches was founded by John Norcia in Canton, Ohio in 1971. Relocated in Columbia, SC since 1983. They're family owned and now operated by sons, Mike and Pat Norcia. They work closely with racing teams, particularly those in drag racing where, since 1987, Ram has brought success to dozens of teams at the national level. Machining is done in-house with 6 CNC machines, 2 Blanchard grinders, & 2 balancing tables.

RAM Clutches pioneered a few important technologies:

  • First to introduce the 3-paddle drag racing clutch with metallic pads (1972), which instantly eliminated all broken clutch hub troubles—a common failing at that time. -Patent obtained on 3-paddle design in 1974
  • Pioneered and patented the Poly-Coil clutch hub spring (1978), which dramatically increased the capability and the life of the clutch center plate
  • First to develop 6-1/4 inch circle track clutches – smaller diameter, quicker acceleration
  • Introduced Carbon-Carbon friction technology to professional clutch systems in 1983, which gave racers a softer engagement off the starting line